Save the dates!

Hmmm… not sure what’s going on with this website, but except for the public pages, the background stuff looks all screwed up. Oh well, it appears I can still post this announcement, so I’ll worry about figuring the rest of this out later.

After much discussion and contemplation, dates for our 4×10 reunion have been chosen. Friday, September 30, 2016 – Saturday, October 1, 2016. The venue, times, and other details, are still to be determined. But put us on your calendar and plan to share a couple of nights with good friends!

We have run into a couple of different issues.

The PAC-12 has not yet released the game schedule so we’ve just got our fingers crossed with regards to UA Football. We are hoping to miss Homecoming and Family Weekend, but I’ve been told the UA isn’t expecting the football schedule until sometime in December. Hotels and DJs have informed us that their space is booking quickly for October. We know it’s still warm then but it will be cooler than August.

We are also aware that Rosh Hashana begins at sunset on Sunday, October 2, 2016. After doing our best to remember who in our class is Jewish, I sent an email to those I have email addresses for. Several people did not respond, but of those that did, only one person indicated it would be an issue. I’m sorry for that, but I hope everybody will make it.

I’m also asking all of you to pass the information on to friends I don’t have email addresses for and ask them to get in touch with me. I will be posting the dates on the Class of ’76 Facebook page and our website today. Also on our Classmates and any other reunion sites as soon as I can get to them. I’ll try to update the “missing Rangers” list on our website as well.

More information will be passed on as it becomes finalized and available.


Well, we’re about a year away ….

Here it is, July 2015.  We graduated June 3, 1976.  You know what that means, right?  Yeppers!  We’re about a year out from our 40th reunion.  Can you believe it?  First meeting of the reunion committee will commence in approximately two hours.

Keep an eye on this space for updated information as it becomes available.  We’ll work on getting all the stuff that is here right now off the site to avoid confusion.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m looking forward to it.  :D



Really? 15,000+ subscribers to this site?

I’m not kidding.  I came to this site, for the first time in a long time (more time than it should have been… I have failed all of you :( ), and I found that we had 15,000 plus subscribers.  Maybe some of them are real people who, for some unknown reason, have decided that they have some kind of interest in this blog.  Most, I’m sure, are spam bots, or something along those lines.

Tonight I looked at the privacy settings and I only have two to choose from – make the site visible to search engines like Google or only to “normal” users.  Well, since the purpose of this blog is to get information regarding our class to members of our class, it seemed counter-intuitive to make it invisible to anybody who might be searching for anything dealing with the Ranger Class of ’76.  So, I left the site visible to the search engines.  However, I found another control that if “clicked” will allow anybody to join the site.  So, I unclicked it.  I don’t know what that’s going to do yet.  I hope it doesn’t mean that Pam will get a boatload of join requests, but if she does, there’s probably a way those requests can be directed at me.  I don’t know.  I don’t relish getting requests from spammers… especially not in the numbers that bots/people/whatever have been signing up here.

I’ve been working on deleting the majority of the names.  I left this afternoon for awhile and when I came home, there were a bunch more people signed up as subscribers.  In the meantime, I’ve gone through somewhere around 3500 user names, have only gotten through those user names that start with “D” and there have only been 15 Rangers in there.  It’s going to take me a few days to delete those subscribers who don’t belong here. I just hope I don’t accidentally delete someone who belongs here.



So sorry to everybody who got that random email from me at the 76rangers@gmail account.  The account was hacked.  I have since changed the password and activated the two-step login.  Hopefully, that will alleviate the issue.  It took me a bit to remember what my login name and password were at this site, but now that I have, I’ll be changing my password here as well, just in case.

I really don’t know why people have to waste their talent being so annoying and making life miserable for everybody else.  Why not turn that computer knowledge into something that will help people?  Oh well… What can you do?

Be well, my friends.

P.S.  Don’t forget the multi-class “mini” reunion being planned by Pat McIntyre.  Don’t know if you saw it on Facebook, and can’t remember if I sent out the dates from the email account, but it’s March 29, 2013 at the Wooden Nickel.  South of 22nd St, on Country Club.  Can’t remember what time it starts, but if you’re interested and want to know the time, keep an eye on your email.  I’ll send out a reminder sometime in February.  :)


Anybody interested????

The following was posted by Arlene Gallardo (Class of ’77) on Facebook.  I’ve shared it on my own Facebook page, the 76 Reunion page, and via email.  I’ve also left a comment on Pat’s post on the alumni page saying I’m interested regardless of when it is held (one of the advantages of actually being in the same city. :) ).  

Attention RHS 75 – 80 Alumni; be sure to go to the alumni page and place your vote as to when you would like to have a mini-reunion. Pat McIntyre has graciously taken on the task of keeping track of the tally. Thanks Pat!!

The choices being suggested for when to have this informal reunion are: Thanksgiving weekend, Winter break, or Spring break.  If you don’t have a Facebook account and you are interested, drop me a line telling me your preference.  I’ll pass that information on to Pat via Facebook.  If you do have a Facebook account, you can just click on the link and enter your choice there.


Farewell, my friend….

RIP Kevin Gaub.

A very pleasant memorial service for Kevin today.  The church was nearly full, and that is not a small church.  There were people there whose lives and hearts Kevin had touched throughout his life, as son, brother, husband, father, friend, nurse and with his service to his church.  His middle son, Caleb, had most of his usual crew there (only a few, including my son who couldn’t get off work, were missing).  I saw teachers who had gotten to know Kevin through his parenting of his children.  I know there were nurses and doctors there who had worked with Kevin at TMC.  There were a few of us from school there – I saw Arnold Majuta and Ted Miller.

Kevin’s brother, Keith, and son, Adam, gave heartfelt tributes to the man that Kevin was.  There was another man, someone who’d worked with Kevin in the teen ministry, who also gave a nice tribute.  Kevin was strong in his faith and the service today emphasized that.

I know I’m not the only one still shocked by Kevin’s sudden passing.  I’d seen and shared posts on Facebook.  I read the online obituary and the comments left in the online memory book.  Yet, when one of my coworkers passed me the print version of the Daily Star with Kevin’s obituary in it, I still felt like someone had just sucker punched me.  I hadn’t seen Kevin recently, but have fond memories of playing cards with him, Robyn, and all our kids, along with other friends from Catalina and Dodge.  I remember the band trip to Disneyland when Jeremy and Caleb were sophomores.  I remember a family game night in the gym at Catalina, when I was sitting with Robyn and some other moms in the lobby area playing cards, and Jeremy came running out of the gym with his hands over his face.  He raced into the men’s room, with Caleb right behind him.  Hard on their heels was Kevin.  I looked at Robyn and, chuckling a little, said, “Hmmm… Looks like Jeremy got hit in the face.”  We shook our heads and a little while later, they all came out of the bathroom, Kevin assuring me that Jeremy was alright and there really wasn’t any need to worry or take him to the ER… because they really couldn’t do anything for a broken nose anyways.  Turns out the kids were playing basketball and Caleb, who even then was well over 6′ tall, had accidentally elbowed Jeremy (a whopping 5’7″ tall) in the nose.  It took awhile for the bleeding to fully stop, but Kevin kept an eye on Jeremy for the rest of the night, for which I was very grateful, because Jeremy was about 16 or 17 then, and most certainly would not have wanted his mom hovering around.  I don’t know if I ever thanked Kevin properly for that… so… Thank you, Kevin.

Sadly, as I mentioned, I hadn’t seen Kevin and Robyn in awhile.  Jeremy and Caleb both live in the Phoenix area these days and, as sometimes happen, we all just kind of drifted apart.  Still… I know I’ll miss Kevin.  And so will all those people in the church today and the many more who were unable to make it.

Good bye, Kevin.  Rest in peace.


Wow!!! Time flies!!!

Just want to wish everybody the happiest of holiday seasons as we all celebrate with our loved ones! 

I hope 2012 brings all of you health, prosperity, love, laughter and happiness! 

Maybe we should think about getting together early in the new year for a happy hour… what do y’all think?


Hey there!

It’s been a month and a half!  How the heck is everybody doing?  I’m kind of going through withdrawal here.  We were so busy with the planning and then there was the reunion (where it was just so good to see everybody!).  I know that some classes have “mini-reunions” sometimes, even if those are just get-togethers at local watering holes for drinks and conversation.  I’m thinking that maybe that might be something to think about for us.  Maybe not right away, but sometimes in the next few months or so.  What do y’all think?


Pictures from the reunion

So, the reunion is over…. and I know you are all waiting for pictures.  I have the photos taken by myself and my girls on my facebook page. I haven’t had a chance to put them here yet, but will do so soon.  Other attendees have also posted pictures on their facebook pages and I intend to ask them if I can also put those here.

We did have a professional photographer present for a couple of hours each night.  He has posted over 500 photos from the Saturday night event on his Flickr page, for which I will post the link momentarily.  Unfortunately, due to a technical malfunction of some sort, all the photos from the Friday night event were lost.  He sent me an email telling me what happened and expressing his apologies:

So I’m afraid I have some bad news. In the process of transferring files from my camera to my computer, the shots I got of the first night of the reunion have been lost.

I am absolutely sick about this. This has never happened to me before and I have been in contact with Apple and Adobe for the last 4 days trying to figure this out.

I have spent hours upon hours searching, literally, through every folder both on my internal and external hard drives; hoping that they were just saved in the wrong place and the computer was unable to locate them. But they are not there to found. I am at an utter loss as to where these pictures went.

I cannot express how bad I feel about this, and I am truly embarrassed.

I’ve been in a similar situation. I was the primary photographer for a wedding – my gift to the bride and groom – didn’t know something was wrong with my camera and it had a light leak or some such thing.  Six or seven rolls of film ruined and not a single picture that was printable.  I was literally sick over it.  So, if he feels anything like I did, he really does feel awful about this.

However, as I mentioned above, he has posted over 500 photos from the Saturday night dinner and dance.  The pictures are posted kind of backwards in time with the earliest part of the evening being on the last page of thumbnails.  I went through them the other night and on a good many of them, I’ve identified those in the pictures as best I could.  After you look through the images, you can contact Joe at to order whichever ones you like.  Joe will work with you to touch up, adjust color, etc, and then will send you the image(s) as a digital file via email to do with as you wish.  He will explain the details to you but I do know he said the cost would be $2.00.

As soon as I get my pictures posted here for you, or if you have Facebook and can go look at them there, feel free to download them or share them.  I think I’ve set that particular album to be available to everybody. And if you can’t get to Joe’s photos by clicking the link above, you may have to copy/paste this into your address bar:

I’ll let you know as soon as I get any other pictures uploaded here.


35 years and counting… I believe a good time was had by all… (long post)

Well, it’s been a week now since the festivities ended.  I’ve been delinquent in writing anything about the reunion and I apologize for that.  I should have done this sooner.

Friday, prior to the reunion, was a bit of a cluster for everybody on the committee – from power outages, having to work, running around, trying to get made over and being left behind, we finally all made it to the hotel and into our rooms with little time to spare before the first of our classmates arrived.  Nevertheless, we did it and made it downstairs with bare minutes to spare.

After some mishaps trying to get the computer hooked to the projector… well, not really mishaps, more like someone who would really rather have instructions in front of her than try to figure it all out through trial and error.  Fred Hurtado and Cliff Titus (both Class of ’64) came in while I was trying to figure it out and helped me.  Between the three of us, we got it going and the slide show presentation began its cycle on the screen!  Thanks to Steve Derman for putting that together for us.  It worked out great!

While we were figuring that out, classmates were filtering in and conversations began buzzing all around me.  I admittedly took a bit of time out from fiddling with the computer to greet some old friends and to welcome new ones.

My daughters, bless them, took on the responsibilities of checking people in and providing name tags.  They also took in the money for the raffle, handed out the t-shirts that had been ordered and were, just generally, the initial welcoming committee.  I understand the check-ins went relatively smoothly, with only a few people showing a bit of irritation that the line moved slowly.  Several people apparently recognized that the younger looking of the two girls was my daughter and some thought the older looking girl was Lori’s daughter.  Jenni (the older looking one) thought this was funny for the most part and by the end of the night, she and Lori had adopted each other.  Megan (the younger looking one) simply, and good-naturedly, has long since accepted the fact that she is my “mini-me,” so she just acknowledged the relationship and conversed with people as they came through the line.  For those of you who don’t know my girls, they are twins – fraternal, obviously – and for all their claims to the contrary, they were there voluntarily.  There was no coercion involved.

As the crowd grew, there were many greetings and hugs exchanged.  Laughter could be heard from all around as people caught up with their friends.  Drinks were imbibed.  Food was eaten.

Fred and Cliff spoke about The Distant Echo and the Rincon Foundation.  Our class gave generously to the 50/50 raffle that was held to benefit the Rincon Foundation, an organization of alumni whose goal is to provide financial assistance to the school so that today’s students have a chance to succeed.  The winner of the raffle was Sharon Dunn Allen (’77), who gladly took home the $150 that was her share.  Cliff accepted $150 for the Rincon Foundation and thanked us all.

It was so wonderful to see everybody there and I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to some of you.  One moment that really stands in my memory was when, coincidentally, all the Millers in the room (Fred and his wife Janet; Ted, Jeff and his wife Brenda, and I) were standing in the same area and when it was pointed out by someone chatting with us, we all introduced ourselves to each other.  I think the only one missing at that moment was Marty. Funny, that… through all our years at Rincon, I’m pretty sure that Marty was the only other Miller I had in any of my classes. We were lab partners in biology and I remember Mr. Ledesma asking Marty at one point why his grades weren’t as good as mine. Marty’s reply, straight faced and serious, was “I try, but she won’t move her arm during the tests!” I think Mr. Ledesma was slightly taken aback, but he laughed.  We also had English together that year, and on the first day of school, Ms. Aboud called roll, looked at Marty (a ginger) and then at me (a brunette) and asked if we were twins.  Both of us vehemently denied any kind of relationship at all.  Over the year, Marty informed me of all the good boonie parties…. *after* they happened, but I’d like to think we became friends.  Missed him at the reunion.  At any rate, it was a pleasure to meet the rest of the Millers from ’76 on Friday night!  I’m so glad all of you were there.

(Another amusing moment came when my daughters informed me that they could see me actually dating one of the gentlemen in attendance… mind you, they have no real knowledge of who is or isn’t married, so it could have been any of you!  And I’ll leave it at that!  Hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!)

After the main party ended, several of us ended up seated at the tables outside Wilbur’s, in the lobby, chatting until about 2:30 or so.  At the same time, there was a party going on in at least one hotel room that I understand was quite the good time.  I know that one of my roomies didn’t return from that until something like 4:30 in the morning while I’d gone to bed by 3:00.  LOL  What happened in that room, stayed in that room!  But I’m presuming there was much alcohol and much laughter and good memories were made – that is if anybody could remember anything at all!  Just teasing!  Sort of.  Hahahaha!


Saturday morning at breakfast, several of us met in the Atrium of the hotel to eat and chat.  It was a relaxing moment, probably the last of the day.  My daughters had returned at Lori’s invitation and, after breakfast, they spent the day with me as I tried to figure out things for the Saturday night shindig.  I also tried to get in a nap, but that didn’t happen either.  LOL

Again, the girls handled the check in and took in the payments of those who had decided on Friday night to attend on Saturday.  There may have been a glitch or two, but all in all, it went smoothly.

I thought the dinner, a Mexican buffet with mini chimis and fajitas, was yummy.  It was, in fact, much better than I’d anticipated and I was glad of that.  The décor of the area where the buffet was set up, as well as the memorial table inside the ballroom, was really well done.

During dinner, Fred Hurtado again talked to the guests about the Distant Echo and possibly the Rincon Foundation.  I’m not really sure as I had to leave the room for a few minutes.  I was told afterwards, however, that he gave a good speech and I’m sorry I missed it.

After dinner, Dorrie Anthony Bastiampillai read a letter she had received from Phil Varney.  And then the “awards,” based only on the responses to the questions sent out in the weeks prior to the event, were handed out.  Furthest distance traveled – Third place mention went to Phil Connolly who came from Yonkers, NY.  Second place mention went to Sonia Lewin, attending from Boston, MA.  The winner was David Hall, who travelled over 5000 miles from Germany to be there with us.  David also won the award for the most countries visited (55).  Mary Bayly Nebe won the award for most grandchildren (5) and tied for the most states visited (50).  Diana Leonard has also visited 50 states.  John Fleming won the award for most times back to Rincon based on his response that he used to “jog the track there about 3 times a week for years.”  Jay Jones is the “most popular” classmate on Facebook with 560 friends.  Mary, Diana, John and Jay were not there on Saturday night and so their certificates will be mailed to them soon.

Award certificates were also awarded for the “Best Lesson Learned at School” and “Best Autograph.”

After much debate on Saturday morning at breakfast, and noting that many people had learned excellent lessons at school, we eventually went with the response that made us all laugh – “Never call your PE teacher a fag.”  Congratulations, Ken Barnes!  Some of the other excellent lessons learned:

Brenda Fieldman Moench – “Never give up on your dreams, always keep trying no matter what!”

Diana Leonard – “School is what you make it. Make it fun.”

Linda Kasik Hayden – “We all share a bond that time and distance cannot break, that’s why it’s never goodbye, just see ya.”

Lori Ecord Schroeder – “Values, friendships, hard work pays off.”

Susan Hammerstein Batt – “Eegee’s is awesome! First time I bought it was off the back of a pickup at Rincon.”

Jay Jones – “Pursue excellence.”

Jonathan Reich – “I learned who I am.”  (Honestly, does it get much better than this? )

Lori Leon Adukeh – “Surround yourself with friends from all backgrounds and cultures.”

Mary Bayly Nebe – “Be true to yourself and your beliefs, instead of following the crowd.”

Amongst the best autographs submitted were the following:

John Fleming – “John, Knowing you has been an experience I’ll never recover from. The very best. Jack Boswell”

Ken Barnes – “Thanks for the diamond – Hope to meet up with you some night…. Love Sue” (Ken informed us that he has no recollection of who Sue is).

Lori Ecord Schroeder – “Reach for the stars and never look back”

Linda Kasik Hayden – “Together Forever – John Hayden”  (And look, they’re still together!!!!  How cool is that?)

And the winner?

Larry Matthew – “The next time you shoot a teacher, use a camera – Bruce Farrell”

When we gave Larry his certificate, he noted a couple of suggestions for the next reunion, one of which was a request for larger print on the name tags (I agree!).  The other, that a board be set up with the names of those in attendance so that people could try to find exactly who they were looking for, led to an impromptu introduction around the room as Lori stood and introduced herself.  Trying to make things easier and more audible, I went around the room with the microphone so that each classmate in attendance could introduce him or herself.

After that, I announced the favorite teachers:  Dana Smith (English), Rudy Thompson (choir), and Paul Grimes (band) with honorable mentions going to Mary Robbins (Latin), Don Rule (math/geometry), Evelyn McMurtray (home ec), Lyle Wilcox (orchestra/choir), Lou Tassi (printing) and Paula Walter (English/Shakespeare).

One thing I forgot to announce was the choice for favorite song.  The hands down winner of that was “Stairway to Heaven”.

When all that was finished, the DJ cranked up the tunes.  Ken and Rochelle Barnes won the prize as the first couple onto the dance floor and the dancing commenced.  Eventually, there was a conga line and some “Soul Train” like moments.  Jenni led a our attempt at The Cupid Shuffle.  The dance floor was seldom empty, although the few times it was, there was usually someone back out there for the next song.  Throughout the night, we held raffle drawings for door prizes.  Man, we had a hard time getting rid of the Gold’s Gym certificates.

At the end of the evening, a small group of people ended up in Lori’s and Dorrie’s room, hanging out, talking, and just generally enjoying good feelings.  I left before that get together ended, but I’m sure that the conviviality continued.

Sunday morning breakfast, for me, was kind of bittersweet.  It was the end of this fabulous weekend.  Linda, Liz, Ken, Rochelle, Jackie, Gina, Lori, Dorrie, Holly, Steve and I relaxed, chatting… we were joined by David and I’m not really sure how much any of us really wanted to say goodbye, but it had to be done.  No… not goodbye… “See ya!”

“See ya in five!” was heard at the end of each night from all around.  Five years from now, hopefully, we’ll gather again… to renew our friendships… to reminisce… to laugh and talk and have a good time…  To relive our childhood, our youth…. And to remind ourselves that “We all share a bond that time and distance cannot break, that’s why it’s never goodbye, just see ya.”

Pictures available soon.