Who’s coming!

Here’s the Who’s Who of classmates registered for the reunion. Make sure you get your registration in and join us for the best party ever! (And also, please check our¬†Missing Rangers page to see if there is anybody you know that you can contact. ¬†Thanks!)

Lori Ecord Schroeder
Dorrie Anthony Bastiampillai
Alan Miklofsky
Diane Webb Haegar
Kim Dupuis
Susan Hammerstein Batt
Ted Miller
Wendy Thorne Parks
Sarah Mitchell Kim
Lisa Bryan
Beth Miller
Jan Davis Afonso
David Stevenson
Barbara Bradel Moorhead (Friday only)
Nancy Lehman Bishop
Stephen Buschmeyer
Edna Aguilar Cooper
Jonathan Fried
Don Ageton (Saturday only)
Lillian Freeman Hensley
Fred Miller (Friday only)
Karen Lackey Locke
Ben Burruel
Maggie Bulmer
Sheri Meiner Rendon
Judy Zagst Bradt
Suzanne Szerlip (Friday only)
Lori Leon Adukeh
Linda Brett Cianciolo
Phil Connolly
Janet Major
Nancy Spencer Holtzen
Jim Hawkins
Donna Depugh Hawkins
Melinda (Mindy) Carte
Heidi Goldman
Frank Montez
Christine Vasko Langlais (Friday only)
Kathy Mullin Jones (Friday only)
David Hall
Scott Hoffmann (Friday only)
Christie Taggart
Mary Bayly Saraceni
Holly Hendren Steinke
Miriam Bloomfield (Saturday only)
Leslie Buchanan (Friday only)
Richard Reece
Danelle Lopez-Kornberg
Rae Williams
Jane Shea
Donna Dunscombe Roberson
Larry Matthew
Mary (Mikki) Carpenter (Friday only)
Laura Hymanson Reilly
Sylvia Sanchez Shingler
Beverly Caldwell Jones (Saturday only)
Chanie Teague
Carol Whitaker
Diana Leonard
Stephanie Lovinger
Marcela Davison
Steve Derman
Linda Kasik Hayden
Ira Gold (Friday only)
Jim Olson (Friday only)
Brenda Fieldman Rosales (Friday)
Linda Higley Melby (Friday)
Kathy Ziehler Dwyer (Friday only)
Linda Bruggeman Lucas
Kari Dixon D’Angelo – Class of ’78 (Friday only)
John Fleming (Friday only)
Kevin Roche (Friday only)
Frank Perez (Friday only)
Paul Jobs (Friday only)
Robert Kondziolka (Friday only)
Cindy Dibble Wood
Doug Thompson (Friday only)
Peter Akmajian
Wade Snyder
Mona Boice (Saturday only)
Dan Lilly
Jim Power (Friday only)
Scott Bork (Friday only)
Barbara Hendrickson Greene
Mary Ring Taska
Steve Sandoval
Eddie Muniz
Pat Benites (Friday only)


Email us for more information and to have a registration form emailed to you penink

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